Gallery SUSAN CAVANAUGH’S                                                                  Paintings Home Gallery Blog Contact Heading Home 11x15 watercolor Snooks 11x14oil (sold) Amaryllis 5x7 Mixed media (sold) Amaryllis 22x30 watercolor Gallery Garden 11x14 watercolor  (destroyed in a fire) Blue Heron at Hadlock 11x15 watercolor (sold) Desert Dove watercolor 11x15 (sold) Grazing 9x12 oil Bowing Bloom 11x14 oil Daffodils on Blue 11x15 oil Trumpet of Spring 11x14 Debbie"s Dahlia 6x6 oil Rainbows End 9x12 oil Bridger Range after Travis Anderson 8x36 oil "a moment in time" 11x15 watercolor sold Puffin 11x14 oil Dahl Sheep 11x14 oil Surprise Encounter 6x6 oil Pelicans at Salton Sea 30x22 watercolor Frenzy 11x15 watercolor Reflections of Glaciers (Bowman Lake)  9x12  oil Lake McDonald 11x14 oil Celebration 30x22 watercolor Annebelle 11x14 oil Gallery Yearning for Water acrylic Summer Heat 14x22 watercolor (sold)
Katie My Lady 5x7 oil